Metal Roofing Installed Over Mobile Home Roof. Is That OK?


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Yes, it is perfectly okay to install a metal roof over a mobile home, unless your mobile home is made of wood which if that is the case would be a safety risk. The advice would be to purchase one from a reputable roofing specialist as you should receive a lifetime warranty against leaks and defects, for as long as you own your mobile home.

Most metal roofs can sustain strong winds of up to 140 mph and are even strong enough to walk on. The preference to install metal roofing is rapidly becoming a popular choice for all property owners for a number of reasons. Firstly, the life of a metal roof is long, and can last as long as the house itself if installed correctly. As well as lasting through winds, they can seal out water and keep snow from gathering on the roof. They are resistant to fire, insects, mildew and rot. With them being lightweight the consumer could apply the new roof over their existing one without having to strip the material off the roof first or install more support.

An important reason that consumers choose metal for their roofs is that it is fire resistant. The roofing has received a Class A fire rating - the highest a material can receive given that it is non-combustible.

Of course, there are disadvantages to using metal; a minor one being that it is not as effective when it some to insulation - a good contractor can leave some air space between the tiles and the roof deck to allow for insulation. A major concern is the cost, as metal roofing is very expensive when compared with other high-end materials. But, it’s worth paying a little more for a quality material that will last as long as you are in your house for.
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There shouldn't be any problem with putting metal roofing over a mobile home roof. Although you might want to run it by a home builder and get his opinion just to make sure it's not too much weight.

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Yes you can install and there are a variety of sheets. You can consult the seller and can select the appropriate one. There are both the benefits and the drawbacks which you can face from the use of metal roof sheet. Click on the link for more details:
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Yes its done all the time
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Build up each side out flush with the outside edge with double 2" X 6" s(fasten well) and build trusses for the roof. The double 2" X 6" will build up each side so the trusses won't take on the curve of the old roof. I did this many times.hereSorry I thought you meant to build a roof on a mobile home!
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We have two mobile home that we are putting together both home are 70 x 14 about the cost

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