I Am Looking For Riken Tire Reviews. Can You Help?


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Riken Tires are mostly considered as good for use on Vehicles. Most of the reviews term them as efficient. You can get their complete review at the link below:
www.globalbooster.com/pear/docs/knhcs/riken-tire-reviews.html -
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Our 52 year old lady friend has a set and one of the tires started to delaminate. She had two tires with only 4,000 miles replaced by another dealer and we have been trying to get Riken to compensate her for 7 months. They lost the paperwork 3 times and now claim she "spun out" her car, which is complete B.S. I started working with tires when I was 13 and now I'm 67 and an engineer, so I'm not some idiot making a false claim for her. Do not buy Rikens, which is a subsidiary of Michelin!

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