What Is The Phone Number For Chrysler Corporation's Corporate Headquarters In Detroit?


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Internet research suggests that the phone for the Chrysler Corporation's corporate headquarters in Detroit is  (313) 369-7860. If this number does not work then the main telephone number for the Chrysler Corporation is 1 800 CHRYSLER (247 9753).

The Chrysler Headquarters and Technology Center located in Detroit, MI is the world headquarters for the Chrysler Group LLC. It is also the company's main research and development facility. The building was completed in 1996 and covers a land area of 5,300,000 square feet. Built in a cross-axial formation, the Chrysler Headquarters have an elongated atrium that converges with a radiant skylight. The rounded off exterior corners of the building are designed to give the impression of a polished car body.

Dating back as far as 1925, the Chrysler Corporation has been producing the Chrysler automobile. The initial aim of the company was to produce a car that was advanced and well engineered but could be bought at a reasonable and affordable price. The first car was released in the January of 1924. The six cylinder car had carburettor air filter, a high compression engine, an oil filter and full pressure lubrication. These factors were all missing in other cars on the market and really helped boost the popularity of the Chrysler vehicles. Chrysler introduced the hydraulic brakes to the mass market as well as rubber engine mounts designed to reduce vibrations. The founder of the company, William Chrysler, also introduced a wheel with a ridged rim to stop deflated tires from flying off the wheel.  The original cars produced by Chrysler were rebranded and re-engineered for a second mass production in 1926. The popularity of Chrysler cars began to increase and the company merged Daimler-Benz.

Now Chrysler has been bought out by Fiat. The company headquarters in Detroit can be contacted for both information about the organization, car purchases and customer enquiries.

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