After My Car Accident I Have Seizures. I Had An Ekg Done And It Came Back Abnormal. What Does An Abnormal Ekg Mean And Should I Be Concern?


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ray of light answered
Abnormal EKG means problems with cardiovascular system. These problems can be heart valve disease, myocardial faults, heart enlargement, heart inflammation, problems in coronary artery, presence of present or past heart attacks. If your EKG is abnormal then you should contact with the cardiologist. For more details, visit abnormal EKG.
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Do you mean ECG?  Why did they check your heart when you had a possible brain injury?  I thing you mean electroencephalogram and it more than likely means your brain got hurt in the crash.  Follow up with all instructions given by your specialist and don't take any headache lightly? Take care of yourself. GreisRN1

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