I Have A Piece Of Machinery That Requires 300 Ssu Of Oil For Lubricant. I Need Help Converting The 300 Ssu To Something On The Market. Can You Help?


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"Seconds Saybold Universal" is a measurement of viscosity. Viscosity is a measure of the oils resistance to flow. SSU the amount of oil that flows a given distance in a given time at a given temperature. 
Mobile DTE 26 has an SSU of 300 at 100oC. That said  any 20 weight oil would probably work.
If possible I would contact the manufacturer for a recommendation.
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SSU is measured in F not in C
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Saybolt Seconds Universal (SSU) is used to measure viscosity or a substances resistance to flow. It is not measured in F or C but at F or C. That said, I should have said 100degreesF or 38degreesC not 100degreesC
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Umm info is incorrect - 300 SSU you should be using 50wt gear oil

Use 20w at you peril

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