What Kind Of Car Was "Christine" By Stephen King?


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Although the 1958 Plymouth Fury is identified as the car in the film adaptation of Stephen King's Christine, two other Plymouth models, the Belvedere and the Savoy, were also used to portray the malevolent automobile.

Several statements about the car in the book version were factually incorrect for the 1958 Fury, referring to features that were found on the Belvedere model and not on the Fury. Some of these include:

  • "rear doors" (Christine is referred to as a four-door, but the Fury was only available in a two-door model until 1959)
  • the transmission (called a Hydramatic in the book-a GM transmission; Chrysler Corporation transmissions were called TorqueFlite)
  • "gearshift lever" (refers to the transmission shifter; all 1958 Chrysler automobiles with automatic transmissions used push-button drive).
Another slight inaccuracy was shown in the film version of Christine: In the scene where Leigh Cabot chokes on a hamburger, Arnie is locked out of the car and can't help her. The door lock button clearly goes down by itself, yet these cars did not have lock buttons. They required the door handle to be rotated counter-clockwise to lock them.

However, the author did note that Christine was "a special order", which could explain these inconsistencies. Also, since the car is possessed by a supernatural force (the previous owner in the book and an unknown force in the movie) it is possible that the car could do just about anything it (she) wanted.
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It was a 1958 plymouth belvedere pretending to be a 1958 plymouth fury those of you saying its a chevy need to learn your cars there is a big diference between a chevy and a plymouth you all must be thinking of the '58 belaire but its not even close
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It is a 1958 red and white plymouth fury
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Christine was a 1958 Plymouth Fury with 2 other cars playing in the film - Plymouth Belvedere and Plymouth Savoy
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To Help Compliment Tiggermom's Answer:

The Actual car used in the movie "Christine" Written by Stephen King was a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere, portrayed as a Red and white Plymouth Fury(from the book)

Everything you need to know About the movie is available form

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International Movie Database (IMDB)
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This is the last and only time 1958 plymouth fury
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Plot summary
While driving home from school, Dennis and Arnie drive past Christine, a dilapidated 1958 red and white Plymouth Fury. Arnie makes Dennis stop his car, and examines the car. The car's owner, Roland D. LeBay, an elderly gentleman in a back support, comes out onto the lawn, and offers the car to Arnie for $250. Unable to pay the full amount, he settles on a $25 deposit and agrees to return the next day with the balance.
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 Evil is alive in Libertyville. It inhabits a custom painted Red and White 1958 Plymouth Fury
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I think it's a 1950's-60's Chevy model. I know it was a Chevy, but I'm not sure what the model was. It definitely wasn't a Plymouth Fury.
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I beg your pardon. The car in the book was a 1958, red Plymouth Fury. Please check the link I added to my response. It's right there at the top of the link's page.
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It was a Chevy, cherried out, and red. The year at this moment escapes me, correct me if I'm wrong, but was it a '56? I liked the end where the car was starting to 'un-crinkle' for a lack of better words at this moment. You are so sweet.

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