How To Unclog A Chimney?


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Call a chimney sweeper,you can find them in the yellow pages!!
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Get a toilet brush (make sure your fires completely off)and put 2 bottles of Johnson's baby oil on it and stick it up or down the chimney and start to scrub really hard for 20 - 25 minutes and after your done scrubbing get a vacuum and suck up all the coal and ashes so now your fire is cleaned out but your chimney is still half clogged to unclog the other half get your toilet brush an wash it really well till its as white as you can get it and this time put 1 bottle of Johnson's baby oil and 1 bottle of fairy liquid soap and a Little bit of water on it and scrub it up or down the chimney for 20-25 minutes after clean your toilet brush and put water on it  and scrub it up or down you chimney for 5-10 minutes that Will surely unclog your toilet
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