2.) Private Cars Should Be Banned From The Centres Of Large Cities And Towns And Travel By Public Transport Should Be Widely Promoted. What Do You Think? Give Reason.


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Haha~!!!! :)) Level C r8??? :))
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Hm... Of course we should 'cause it has more advantages than this.
You see~ First, of course we should talk 'bout pollution...
Then, we'll approach the reality that the less traffic, the fewer accidents~!!!
In addition, private cars will take more space in streets, and our streets r still very narrow - traffic jam happens very often, especially in rush hour... Etc...

And some of the disadvantages of banning cars from towns r that it will make people more difficult to get to their office, n that it'll be so inconvenient 4 the ones who love the peace n freedom of traveling by car...

Hence, to help people with those, we have to promote our public transport system...bla bla blah...
You have to work it out by urself from here!!! :)2  It's easy!!! Just talk sth 'bout public transport n answer the interviewers' ques n get good grade~!!! :D

GOOD LUCK~!!! ^^

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