How Do Planes Pollute?


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A piston engined aircraft pollute the environment as same as a small car does. Aircraft's with jet turbo engines (turbo shaft, turbo prop, turbo jet) they do much less pollution compared to the amount of work it does. Both pollute the environment by burning fossil fuels. The total carbon emission by this aviation industry is about 2% the total carbon emission in the world.
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The most immediate impact of aircraft is noise - whether it is the regular rumble of international jets or the buzz of microlights and light aircraft on sunny afternoons. The noise from airborne aircraft is related to air speed. Any fast-moving components, such as propellers and compressor blades, generate noise, as do the exhaust gases of jets. Aircraft are also responsible for an increasing proportion of air pollutant emissions, both at local and global level.

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An airplane is considered a vehicle, so it works the same way like cars and other transportation modes which run on fuel. The amount of pollution each vehicle contributes however depends on the size of the vehicle and the distance that it needs to travel. The wider the distance and the bigger the size is, the bigger the volume of the pollution.

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By the littering of toxic waste.

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