How Long Does It Take To Drive 1000 Miles?


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Realistically, there is no set time that anyone will be able to give you because there are numerous different factors involved that could all have an impact on how long it'd take you to drive 1,000 miles.

There could be terrible traffic that delays you for hours. You won't be driving at a single speed for the whole journey which makes it difficult to calculate how long it would take you. You may need more rest stops that you anticipated or you might even breakdown. If you consider those situations that could happen and come up with an approximate speed, and use the usual speed, distance and time equation then you will be able to gain an average idea of time.

First of all, the equation that you would use is speed equals distance divided by time. So if say, for example, you travelled at an average speed on a freeway at 60mph. Divide 1,000 miles by 60 mph which gives you 16 hours, assuming that there is no traffic whatsoever. Then you have to factor in rest stops. These are essential on long journeys as you could end up having an accident if you don't stop regularly. Into our calculation we shall include four 30-minute breaks, which adds two more hours onto our journey time bringing our sub total to 18 hours. Add another half an hour to make a big middle break in case you stop for lunch which gives you an approximate time of 18-and-a-half hours.

When making long journeys such as this one, it is always important to give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination on time if you may be on a schedule. Be prepared for traffic or accidents and you should arrive within plenty of time.
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The formula is Distance = Speed times Time.

When averaging 60 mile an hour, the time to drive 1000 miles is calculated by:

1000 = 60 times Time...
1000/60 = Time...
TIME = 16.66667 Hours...
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1000 miles divided by your speed will give you the time it takes to drive that distance. So if you drive 65 miles an hour, 1000 miles divided by 65 miles an hour will result in a time of 15.38 hours or 15 hours and 22.8 minutes
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If you go 50 and take abot 2  17 minute stops it will be a day at least.
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It depends~~

It will take you a long time if you walk on your feet.

If you take a jet,it just cost you less than a couple of hours.

If you take a train,maybe 12 hours.It all depends the train's speed.

But it will cost you a huge if you take a taxi...LOL
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Time will depend on the speed

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