Describe The Role Of Statistics In The Research Process Using The Wheel Of Science As A Framework Explain How Statistics Link Theory With Research?


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The wheel of science maintains that a theory lead to a hypothesis which in turn leads to a series of observations, which allow an empirical generalization to be made, which in turn alters the hypothesis, therefore 'turning' the wheel once more. The wheel stands between induction and deduction and is what statistics are all about.  

Statistics is the organizing and interpretation of data. If this is derived from a scientific experiment, it can be shown to fit within the wheel of science in the following ways:-
• Theory.
All theories will be untested or tested. Where they are tested, the statistical results of the theory can be evaluated to see if the results will fall within the expected range.
• Hypothesis.
Any hypothesis can be supported by statistical analysis of previously tested hypotheses that will bear out the results of the experiment. This can be helpful if you consider an ancient hypothesis that gold can be created from lead. Statistically, the hypothesis has never stood up to examination.
• Observations.
Statistics can, to some degree, predict what may or may not be happening in any given experiment. As such, careful statistical analysis of what is happening in the experiment can support the observations by providing a guide as to what is occurring.
• Empirical Deduction.
Once the data from the experiment has been assembled, it can be analyzed statistically to help produce the necessary deduction. Since an experiment should be graduated in its results, the statistical deduction can be examined in detail with the various statistical models.

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