What Is The Current Price For Tungsten Carbide Scrap?


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One way to find out the current up to date market price of Tungsten Carbide is to subscribe to The latest price displayed in the public sphere is from November 2007 when Tungsten Carbide was listed at $9.25 at its highest point and $8.25 at its lowest that month. There are plenty of scrap metal dealers that will be happy to take your offerings - offer up to $12 per pound and will buy any grade of tungsten scrap. Another specialist website is and they claim that they will also buy any amount of tungsten carbide material of any grade.
So why is this such a highly sought after material? It is reported that China, the world’s biggest supplier of Tungsten Carbide’s vital ingredient Tungsten have restricted their market supply therefore increasing the value of the alloy, exceeding the previous years prices by a massive 85 per cent. Tungsten Carbide is a highly durable metal alloy, made from equal parts Tungsten and equal parts Carbon. The United States of America use over 60 per cent of Tungsten in the production of Tungsten Carbide.
It is used to make light bulb filaments, drill bits, saw tips, blasting nozzles and even the rolling ball element of ballpoint pens. The military, when producing armour-piercing bullets often use Tungsten Carbide. It is also gaining popularity as the metal of choice for a groom’s wedding ring, since its grey-black look can be buffed to a mirror like shine using harder abrasives such as silicon carbide and diamond.

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