Is 'Super Replicas Kit Car' A Legitimate Business?


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No, no and no. Super Replicas Kit Car is certainly not what constitutes a legitimate business. In fact, it's hardly a business at all. The company is well-known over the internet for being a scam that claims to produce high-quality replicas of high performance cars.

Is Super Replicas a legitimate business?

  • The company claims to be located in a town called David, in Panama.
  • They also claim to posses state-of-the-art technology which they use to manufacture their replicas.
  • The videos the company have posted about their facilities include Photo-shopped photos of vehicles and not one shot of a replica actually being constructed.
  • The scam will ask you to send money by instalments whilst they update you about the "progress" of your replica car.
  • Once they have got your money they will not contact you again, and you certainly won't be receiving the replica car you wanted!
  • Don't attempt to do business with this company or you will be scammed out of your money.
There are numerous internet blogs and threads that discuss the scams that are run by this "business", and here is an example:

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They are frauds. Google "super replicas fraud" and you'll be amazed by what you'll see.

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