Can You Bring Hair Clippers On The Plane In Your Carry On Bag?


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No, you can't bring hair clippers on the plane in your carry-on baggage, due to heightened security regulations. These days, there are many restrictions regarding exactly what can be brought on airplanes in carry-on luggage. For example, there may be limits on what cosmetics and fluids (mouthwash, moisturizer) can be brought along.

  • Lots of rules and restrictions

In fact, many women have found it hard to travel without their beloved foundation bottles and cleansers in their carry-on baggage; some have resorted to carrying tiny sample size or travel size cosmetics and cleansers that are small enough to pass muster (according to current rules, which may to subject to change at any time). However, it's not as though you can't bring these things along with you at all; you simply need to check them in your regular baggage, which is stored in an airplane's cargo hold.

  • Lost luggage can be a problem

If your luggage goes missing, as sometimes happens when airline snafus occur, you may have to go without your hair clippers until your baggage is recovered. The main disadvantage of checking your baggage (with hair clippers inside) is that you can't freshen up your hairstyle during layovers, etc.

There are usually great barbers and hairdressers available in most airports, so consider getting a quick trim and clip while waiting on layovers. Obviously, bigger, modernized airports in developed countries will be more likely to have these haircutting and hairstyling services.

It's important to check directly with airlines and customs (if traveling internationally) before you pack a single questionable item in your carry-on baggage. Breaking the rules may lead to excessive pat-downs and searches that are annoying, to say the least. Now, more than ever, the security of flights takes precedence over the convenience of airline passengers, but it's for everyone's good.
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You are both incorrect and did not perform any research on the subject. You can bring electric hair clippers in your carry-on luggage.

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No, to take them they would have to be put in your checked luggage. Any object as seen as sharp will not be allowed by TSA, airport security.

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