What Are The Effects Of Car Pollution On Human Health, And How Do I Find Out About Them?


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What Are The Effects Of Car Pollution On Human Health, And How Do I Find Out About Them?
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Well there are many bad effects of the car pollution on the human health. The smoke which comes out of the cars is very dangerous for the human body especially for the lungs so you need to use the masking when driving and walking along the road so the smoke arising out of the car is dangerous for your health and it has a bad affect on the human health.
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All forms of pollution are bad for human health but in the short term can cause no real damage but in the long term they can. The effects of pollution can help develop cancers and damage the breathing airways. There has been debates over the health of tool bridge workers because a dangerouly high amount of car fuem elements in there bllod stream.
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There are many effects staring with te ari pollution it si very bad.
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