What Qualifications Do I Need To Become A Carer?


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Many organizations require no formal qualifications for you to become a carer.  When it comes to hiring though, some type of related experience will give you an advantage.  In some cases, life experience and attitude are sufficient qualification to be considered for a position.  If you are older and making a career change, you might want to enquire about bursaries to assist you.

If you have no experience in social care, you might want to consider doing a volunteer placement, which will also help you learn whether a social care career is suitable for you.

You do need to have certain personal qualities to be successful in the job: Compassion, empathy, patience, flexibility, optimism and a nonjudgmental attitude.  Whether you choose to work with elderly, young, families, children, handicapped or learning disabled populations, good communication skills and a sense of humor will help you cope.  You must enjoy working with people, which seems obvious but is something to consider, as you may often be dealing with them in stressful or intimate situations.

Tasks you will be required to perform are extremely varied, from assisting with activities of daily living like cooking and cleaning to managing hygiene tasks or escorting clients to medical appointments.  Work environments can vary just as much, from in-home caring to assisted living settings to hospitals and community care centers.

You can frequently acquire the required job-specific training while you work, then proceed from there to acquire more specialized qualifications through full or part-time study programs.  There are a great many programs of varying duration aimed at providing continuing education and certification for care workers.

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The qualifications that a carer would need depend on the preferred area of the carer. For example if one wishes to take care of elderly patients then one would need to have done a basic course in first aid as well as preferably should have prior experience like working in a nursing home or a hospital.

If one feels that one could take care of children then one should preferably have worked before in a school, crche or even as a counselor which would enable a person to deal with any difficult situation if they arise.

A professional carer is somewhat similar to a handyman and qualifications needed could be a driving license, ability to cook, ministering duties like giving of medicines and administering injections as well as performing some small tasks depending on requirement. In some cases a medical nursing course offered by several universities in the UK is a requisite qualification.
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Raj, I didn't find your information very informative, it gave no real answer to the question at hand. I suggest you improve this as it is no help what so ever. Thank you, Terri.
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So the basic answer is none? Sorry its not very clear, you say you need to have worked in a school etc but does that mean you need to have experience or the qualification to work there? There is a big difference between some one going in and listening to a child read and a teachers assistant. So if some one has sat for an hour and listen to a child read does this mean they can now work as a child carer?
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I am interested in becoming a Private career, and start my own bussiness, of looking after the elderly in their own homes. I need to know what qualafications I need . If you can help, I would appreciate any information you can give, thank-you.
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Generally the most important qualification you need to be a carer is a willingness to care for someone else and to respect and maintain their dignity. It is possible to work as a carer with very few formal qualifications, although some care agencies prefer at least some kind of qualification in English and perhaps mathematics, but this is not always the case. Carers often have to write up case notes and so it is important that at least some basic English can be written.

It is possible to work for a National Vocational Qualification in caring, so whilst working as a care assistant you would also be expected to do some studying and use experience gained whilst at work to put theory into practice. This is a useful means of earning whilst studying and as you progress through the various stages of the NVQ you would be able to build up qualifications which you can then take on to another more senior post.
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Before you consider committing yourself to studying ,you need to experience caring.Also finding the right place to start i.e a care home,there are many different services offered by homes such as EMI,NURSING or just a retirement home.Working in a hospital or day centres etc.Although caring is rewarding its also challenging and hard work!.Start with first aid,manual handling and maybe palliative care etc.Then if its the career you want look into NVQs in health and social care.Once you have achieved them you will Be able to look at other courses,management and maybe degrees!!!.
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I want to become a carer but I do not have any qualifications for this so what do I have to do I am 27 years old
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What areas I can work if I have fetac level 5 in nursing?

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