How Are Exhaust Gasses From Vehicles Dangerous? How Can This Danger Be Minimized?


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Petrol exhaust fumes contain a number of gases and particles which are known or believed to cause some health problems.
The most well known of these is Carbon Monoxide. Thsi is a gas which replaces oxygen in the lungs and blood and can be toxic. Low levels can even cause headaches and problems with vision and coordination.
The next is Nitrogen Oxides. These are gases which contribute to ozone pollution. They are thought to cause eye, nose and throat problems as well as breathing problems.
The next are Hydrocarbons which can cause some breathing problems and contribute to the pollution of the air.
Many people believe that diesel cars are more environmentally friendly and cause fewer health problems, but in fact diesel cars are responsible for about 2/3 of the emissions of PM10. PM10 is comprised of tiny flecks of unburnt fuel and many believe that this is linked to the deaths of up to 3000 people annually in Britain.
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Exhaust gases from vehicles are one of the main causes of air pollution. Exhaust gases are those gases that are produced during combustion in vehicles. These exhaust fumes contain many dangerous gases like Carbon dioxide and Carbon monoxide, they also contain smoke and dust particles along with Mercury, Lead and Nickel.

These exhaust fumes are very dangerous for health. Carbon dioxide can cause serious health problems if it exceeds a certain limit. This can be maintained by planting more trees, as trees take in CO² during Photosynthesis and give out Oxygen, thus increasing Oxygen in the atmosphere and purifying the environment.Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas. It causes many diseases if it exceeds a certain limit. It can cause Cancer and Lung diseases.

The Lead, Mercury and Nickel compounds can cause Brain damage. A scientific report states that standing in a closed Garage or Porch etc with a revving up car can cause death within seconds.
These exhaust gases have also contributed towards Global Warming. This problem is very common in countries in which Auto-population is more common than other parts of the world, for example, America.
Nowadays, scientists all over the world are trying to find a way to minimize air pollution, especially that caused by vehicles. Bio-diesel has been discovered to eliminate dangerous exhaust fumes. Solar energy cars are also being made, but they are out of reach for the normal man.

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