What Details Does Gloria Emerson Provide Of A Plunge From The Airplane Into The Space?


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Gloria Emerson was a newspaper reporter. She wrote about woman but her stories were free from any thrill or adventure. She wanted to write about something unusual and brave. So, she joined a parachute training center founded by Jacques Istle. He assured her that it was a safe and enjoyable sport. After a brief training she made parachute drop from a small aero plane

The writer tells us in detail how her parachute worked. It was like a heavy bundle strapped to her back. When opened, it had a thirty-two foot canopy with a large cut out hole to let the air escape. It could be operated to the right or left with two wooden knobs. It was specially designed to increase lateral peed, slow down the rate of descent and reduce swinging movement. She was wearing jumping suit gloves, helmet and boots which made him thick, heavy and slow.

She boarded a Cessna 180 which took her to the height of twenty three hundred feet. When her turn to jump came, she became nervous and shouted at the drill master. He took her to the door and helped her jump out of the plane. The air knocked her about. Then the parachute opened with plop and her downward plunge slowed. Her eyes and nose were running. Spit came out of her mouth. Her chin was wet. She wiped everything with her white gloves which looked old and dirty.

The wind and the noise of the plane had gone away. The calm and peaceful atmosphere was delightful. She saw the vastness of the sky. The earth was covered with colorful designs. She dreadfully liked her stay in the air high over the ground. Everything looked soft and kind. She landed in the sandpit safely. Everyone was surprised at her success.

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