How Far Can Someone Cycle In An Hour?


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I'm of average build and fitness and have just begun to ride again.  Riding on the road w/ slightly hilly terrain and just trying to maintain a steady pace I can ride just over 10 miles in one hour on a mountain bike.
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I can cycle about 30-35km in an hour depending on conditions. It's a fantastic workout
that leaves me hungry and there is nothing like eating good food after a ride like that.
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I went to the gym and the guy said I could ride 50km in 1.5 hours
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It depends on the conditions. The way to go furthest is to ride a customised bike on an indoor track with banked sides and someone to hold you upright when you start. Doing it this way the best riders have managed to cycle over 55 km (34 miles). It's a grueling exercise known as "The Hour" in cycling circles. The best known holder of the title (off and on) has been Chris Boardman, who cycled 56.375 km in 1996. Several other riders have managed in excess of 55km.

Boardman's record was considered invalid, though, in some ways, because of his use of specialised equipment and optimal positioning. It was argued that the contest should be about the man not the machine. Using revised guideliness from the world cycling body (UCI) Boardman managed another record of 49.441 km at Manchester velodrome in 2000. A new record was set at 49.7 km by Ondrej Sosenka in Moscow, in 2005.

If you're riding by yourself on the road you're unlikely to be able to sustain an average speed of 34 mph/almost 50kmph. The best road time trialers tend to be lucky to beat 25 mph on the road. Riding with a group you can go much faster, that 35 mph becomes achievable in a large group working together.

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